Network activity LED no longer works


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Helios64 network activity light no longer flashes (always off).

I have one ethernet cable attached to eth0 and enabled.

Otherwise eth0 is working fine

Helios64 is rebooted each 24 hours.  


If I echo "1" to /sys/class/leds/helios64:blue:net/brightness then LED lights up OK.    


Contents of /sys/class/leds/helios64:blue:net/trigger 

[none] usb-gadget usb-host kbd-scrolllock kbd-numlock kbd-capslock kbd-kanalock kbd-shiftlock kbd-altgrlock kbd-ctrllock kbd-altlock kbd-shiftllock kbd-shiftrlock kbd-ctrlllock kbd-ctrlrlock usbport disk-activity disk-read disk-write ide-disk mtd nand-disk heartbeat cpu cpu0 cpu1 cpu2 cpu3 cpu4 cpu5 activity default-on panic mmc1 mmc2 netdev stmmac-0:00:link stmmac-0:00:1Gbps stmmac-0:00:100Mbps stmmac-0:00:10Mbps rc-feedback tcpm-source-psy-4-0022-online gpio-charger-online rfkill-any rfkill-none phy0rx phy0tx phy0assoc phy0radio rfkill0


System level

Linux Helios64 5.10.63-rockchip64 #21.08.2 SMP PREEMPT Wed Sep 8 10:57:23 UTC 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux

PRETTY_NAME="Armbian 21.08.2 Buster"
NAME="Debian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="10 (buster)"


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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?


I'm talking about the BLUE "LAN Activity LED" on the front panel.

On release of the first batch of Helios64 this "LAN Activity LED" was always inactive as it wasn't yet supported by the software.

At some point during development (I can't remember when) there was an update which enabled support and it worked fine

until recently.


Kind regards ... Nick

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Hi Groetjes, thanks for the interest.

Here's the info you asked for...

root@Helios64:~# echo 'netdev' | sudo tee '/sys/class/leds/helios64:blue:net/trigger'


Regards ... Nick

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Hi Nick,

That's interesting. After some trial and error on my box, I also could not get it to work on kernel version 5.9.13 (21.02.0-trunk.16).


What happens if you put the "activity" in the trigger file? If I do that on my box, it does seem to light up almost in the same cadence as the activity LED on the ethernet connector.

echo 'activity' | sudo tee '/sys/class/leds/helios64:blue:net/trigger'

Note that this is not 'activity' of the network, but activity in the form of CPU activity. Not exactly what you are looking for, but this does seem to generate at least some action on the LED.


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Hello again Groetjes, thanks for your reply.

Yes  "echo 'activity' | sudo tee '/sys/class/leds/helios64:blue:net/trigger'" has an effect. The LED is now flashing blue on and off.


I presume "activity" is the module designed for the "System Activity LED"  and that "netdev" was supposed to do a similar

job for the the "LAN Activity LED" - but no longer does. 


Regards ... Nick

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Hello liberodark, I'm not sure you have the same problem as me - although it is possible the two problems are related. My system boots fine and 

my eth0 adaptor and network are all running OK - for me its just the activity indicator on the front panel that no longer works. It sounds like

your network is not working at all ... Nick

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