auto-shutdown and wake-on-lan ( WOL )



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Hello everybody,


I am not using OpenMediaVault but I am trying to implement some of its feautures into my existing system based on Armbian Bullseye, running on ODROID HC-2. Is there any tutorial or HowTo available that explains steb-by-step how to install and setup auto-shutdown feauture and WOL? I'd like my odroid hc-2 shut-down when not in use (especially over night) and let it auto-start again whenever I access it via \\myhost\share or \\\someshare. If that's not possible then I can live with sending a WOL magic packet manually.


Any known tutorial avaible for doing this on a ODROID-HC2 ?

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I've found the Debian Wiki about WOL but I am missing information on how auto-shutdown/auto-suspend etc. works on Armbian. Whick packages, configuration files are needed for setting up energy power save mode in Armbian Bullseye on ODROID-HC2 ? Is Debian Suspend Wiki to go for?


I'd like my ODROID-HC2 to power-off somehow to save energy, especially during night periods where the NAS isn't used usually. My ODROIC-HC2 runs as a NAS with samba setup. Can anyone point me to the right direction, please?


thank you.

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4 hours ago, g00d said:

but I am missing information on how auto-shutdown/auto-suspend etc. works on Armbian.


The same way. But if this feature is not supported by hardware, you can't make it work. And AFAIK Odroid HC2 is not having such functionality. I remember this function working well on Helios4 but not on others.

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Well, according to the mentioned links to check WOL support my board returns:


ethtool eth0

Supports Wake-on: pumbg
        Wake-on: g




nmcli c show "Wired Connection 1"

802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan:             magic


so shouldn't it be supported then? What else do I need to make this auto-poweroff auto-resume stuff work? any tools, scripts you can suggest to try? is there any alternative like using suspend/hibernate instead of shutdown? how could I save energy on the ODROID-HC2 while not used, any helpful hints?

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