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Java UIO provides high performance Java interfaces for Linux Userspace IO. Java UIO was built from the ground up to use modern kernel APIs, libraries and code generation techniques to provide a best of breed cross platform approach. It does not make sense to recreate the wheel like so many other IO libraries. JDK 17 LTS is supported out of the box.


I've been committing code to U8g2 that utilizes the same userspace code at the C level and dramatically improved the performance of HW/SW SPI and I2C in the arm-linux port. I also made the arm-linux port thread safe and multi display capable (you can use this in C as well obviously). It made sense to add modularization to the Java Periphery IO library since I can take advantage of the same code generation techniques. I will continue to wrap optimized C libraries moving forward in the same modular fashion.


So now you can develop against IO and small displays with one code base in Java.





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First of all, I would like to say a big "Thank you!" for making this project. This project is very promising especially for its cross platform and performance.


I'm trying to use Java UIO on Orange Pi PC Plus. Since this SBC is using the same CPU as NanoPi M1 (Allwinner H3). I think I could use NanoPi M1 "input file" to work with Orange Pi PC Plus. 


I could install and compile Java UIO on Orange Pi successfully. However,  when I tried to run LedBlink demo, it didn't work out. So, I thought it didn't work because I use the wrong input file.


So, I tried to read the code to find a way to specify the input file, but couldn't find any. So, I take a look at another source code (Gen.java) and see that it clearly has an argument to specify the input file. 


So, my question is very simple. How could I specify the input file in the demo program?


Sorry if I'm asking a silly. I'm an experienced java programmer, but I'm quite new for low-level programming (e.g. GPIO) in java. 

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