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Two different boxes don't reboot sometimes


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Hi. I'm trying to use Armbian 20.10 from Balbes and I'm thankfull to you for supporting it. But I have a problem.


I have:
1. X88 pro X3 with u-boot-s905x2-s922 as u-boot.ext and meson-g12a-x96-max-rmii.dtb choosen.

2. A95X F3 Air with u-boot-s905x2-s922 as u-boot.ext and meson-sm1-sei610.dtb


Both of them work. I can connect to them with ssh.
But I found that sometimes after reboot command both of them do not start again until I plug/unplug them.

I made this little script:

date >> ~/Files/reboots.txt

I put it into a crontab. It executes it each 2 minutes. Both of devices rebooted well for 10-15 times when I tried it first. But after that it takes 3-4 reboots to hang.

During that hanging device is unaccessible through ssh and HDMI output shows nothing. I tried to look into journalctl logs but found that a journal for hanged boot doesn't exist. There are journals for previous boot and for the next after unplugging and nothing in between.

So, I thought that the problem is with u-boot. I connected to X88 with UART adapter.

This is how the end of normal session looks:

*kernel started*
arm-64 login:         *here it asks for a login and password but I just wait*
reboot: Restarting system
*some messages about restarting here*
*beggining of a new start here*

And this is how the ending of weird session looks:

*kernel started*
arm-64 login:         *here it asks for a login and password but I just wait*

Yes, it doesn't show a log for a new start neither a log for ending of previous session. It looks for me like system is hanging not on start but on shutting down.


Nobody had such an issue? How it can be fixed? Thanks in advance.

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I would say this problem is common with the s905x2 and s905x3 boxes.  I have this issue on my boxes as well.  I don't know of anyone that has tracked down the root cause.

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