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NanoPi M4v2: Network SPI, I2C broken after 5.15.25


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I had a NanoPi M4v2 running 5.10.63 (buster) for a while without issue. Both I2C and SPI were working perfectly fine and the system was stable. Today apt updated the kernel to 5.15.25 and it broke multiple things, the first issue was that the network wasn't working properly, yellow light but not green one / no IP requested from the local DHCP server.


The overlays on this system were:


overlays=dwc3-0-host i2c7 i2c8 spi-spidev

overlays=dwc3-0-host i2c7 i2c8 spi-spidev


I connected the eMMC moule to a card reader and removed the overlays one by one and found out that `i2c8` was breaking my boot / network:


overlays=dwc3-0-host i2c7 spi-spidev


Although the rest of them weren't breaking anything they didn't work. SPI wasn't showing up under `/dev/spidev1.0` nor the remaining I2C devices.


Important notes:



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