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Banana Pro Shutdown


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Installed the Armbian distribution on 05.22 Jammy. In other distributions armbian, zombies are similar. Does not complete the shutdown -P. Instead of disconnecting - a kernel panic. In other distributions, the completion of work is correct. What to do?


armbianmonitor -u http://ix.io/43ZK

Error: https://freeimage.host/i/wa9cWF



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Only reason I discovered the same is that when I shutdown Linux with poweroff, the SBC remained powered yet the OS has shutdown, so out came the USB to serial adaptor and I noticed the same. As mentioned before, it's not really an issue unless something that's pretty important that needs to be done before OS shutdown that does not get done as the exception terminates the shutdown process.  I think in Kernel 5.10.x the Banana Pro SBC did power off correctly.

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