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Can the S805 boot from usb?


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i think amlogic socs do not support booting from usb ... there is some usb boot mode which is something quite different: sending over a kernel or u-boot via usb from another system using some very special protocol and i guess this is not what you are looking for :) - no idea if its even supported on the s805 - see https://github.com/superna9999/pyamlboot


best wishes - hexdump

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I am not sure how it is working, I just formatted the SSD with Balena Etcher as though it was a SD card, and it boots, as long as I don't start it with the keyboard and mouse connected.

It may be that the SSD draws too much current, but if I plug the keyboard and mouse in after boot, it works fine

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So, there is a strange problem, if I have any other usb devices other than a hub plugged in, it will not boot via usb. If just the hub and the SSD plugged in, it will boot just fine, If I plug anything into the hub, it will not boot either, so it's not a power problem, it seems to be something about discovering other devices during the pre boot that is causing the issue.

If I only have SSD during startup the SSD will blink a few times, then blink continuously for the entire boot, with other devices connected the drive blinks a few times, and stops, then boots the original android software.

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