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Best available SoC/single board computer (autum 2022)


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Hi, as I would like to replace my old Banana Pi M1, I wonder which SoC I should use.
I'd like to spend maximum 100€.

What's the newest supported SoC which is right now available?

Already orderes a Raspberry Pi 4 Gb 9 month ago....but still no idea when it'll be delivered.

As I really like ARMbian and OpenMediaVault, I'd like to stick with it.

I'd like to have at least a quadcore, gigabit-lan and 2-4GB ram.

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"supported" is a relative term. There is no SoC that has 100% of HW functions working stable.

As a compromise between most recent and most stuff working I'd suggest something built around the RK3399.

Newer but less stable/stuff running is any RK35xx chip.



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