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Rock Pi 4 power button - DTS implementation help



System logs: http://ix.io/4bd2


I have been using Armbian OS with Rock Pi 4B. The problem with Rock Pi 4B is that it doesn't have a power-on/off button. So, for closed systems with no keyboard/UI, there is no way to shutdown/start the system properly. Only option is to disconnect the power cable, which has corrupted my OS few times(by the way didn't happen on Debian). I implemented shutdown function through MRAA library and by attaching a button to 40-pin GPIO header. But with this approach, system can go to sleep, but cannot wake-up through button because my software is not running. 


As I have understood, the best approach to have a proper button functionality is to put Linux into sleep instead of shutdown, and to modify the device tree so that a GPIO would have a wake-up functionality. Unfortunately, I don't have expertise in device trees. 


On RockPro64, another device that uses RK3399, the device has a power button. So, I tried to copy its dts implementation into rock pi 4b dts, but unfortunately it didn't work. Here is the link showing the modifications of rock-pi-4b dtshttps://github.com/RafigRzayev/RockPi4B_wake_button_dts/commit/046c5b81c39756e8cd0e8b69a243539e01429c39


I also opened an issue on Radxa forum, but no success there yet. 


Could someone help with this topic? 



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