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MXQ Max 4gb 32gb


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G'day all this is my first post here, the title describes the brand model, apparent ram size and storage capacity of my tv-box, I know the chip has to be an S905* because I can boot coreelec with the dtb of s905W, but in armbian's case no luck yet. The device doesn't have an sd slot, however I was able to boot coreelec by using a usb drive and ADB. basically adb-connected to it and issued "adb reboot update". I have a similar device as this guy I think if not exactly the same:




So what options do I have? Any help is welcome 😀

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Armbian Linux community supported weekly builds download

First you need to read the following TV Box FAQ items:




Note in particular  from the instructions posted above, that because you have previously run coreelec you will need to find an original android firmware and reinstall that to reset the boot environment to its default state.  coreelec and armbian make incompatible changes to the boot environment and you can't use armbian after coreelec.


Otherwise, while I haven't heard of anyone running armbian on this box, given the steps you did to get coreelec running, the same should work for armbian.  The hack of using "adb reboot update" should have the same effect as the toothpick method to set the multiboot uboot environment variables. 

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I have been playing with this issue for other reasons today.  You should be able to restore the default u-boot environment by the following uboot commands:

env default -a



Since I doubt you have a serial connection to your box allowing you to debug/monitor u-boot, you can cause these commands to be run by using the attached aml_autoscript file.


If you put this file on your usb stick and use the 'adb reboot update' that should run the above commands which are contained in that special aml_autoscript file.  After that you can restore the original armbian aml_autoscript file to your usb stick and do the 'adb reboot update' with that one and then you should have a working armbian environment.


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On 9/28/2022 at 7:01 PM, dasargentum said:

and surprisingly it worked

That isn't surprising really.  The old builds of armbian that are available are for kernel 5.9.0.  While there isn't a lot of fixes being made to the amlogic code in the kernel, there are some that trickle in and the debian link you provided is just from a newer kernel with a more correct dtb.  If someone were to pick up balbes150's work and publish new armbian images with a more recent kernel the armbian images would also likely work better.

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