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28" and 4k resolution problem


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My problem is that armbian 6.0.7 kernel hasn't recognised my 28" samsung 4k monitor.It recognised like a 29" monitor.How can I fix this problem? and in 4k resolution right of the screen doesn't show properly.In this side of the screen is completely white.


Another problem is that  4k video plays very slowly How can I fix this problem?


Thank you for your answers!

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14 minutes ago, Andre Van Der Weide said:

the problem is with Armbian 25.5.1 with kernell 6.1.30



It is not possible to copy / paste from old kernel (where this probably works), but it often needs that it has to be developed completely from scratch. Which costs real money (not charity / beer) as nobody can dedicate weeks or months of their private time to fix something he doesn't need ... Code difference between vendors dirty hacked kernel 4.4.y and mainline 6+ is often extreme. Alternative is waiting.

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