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QEmu KVM Virtualization


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I am trying to provision QEmu/KVM to run a Kubernetes cluster based on Ubuntu Cloud Image instances. I am using the latest release of Armbian on 16GB Rock 5B. Release kernel.


After a relatively smooth setup I am able to provision and run instances.


virt-install --connect qemu:///system --virt-type kvm --name virt1 --ram 2048 --vcpus=2 --os-variant ubuntu22.04 --disk path=/root/VMImages/virt1/virt1.qcow2,device=disk --disk path=/root/VMImages/virt1/virt1-seed.qcow2,device=disk --import --network network=default,model=virtio,mac=$MAC_ADDR --noautoconsole


Everything works and I am able to log into the instance, but for some reason I am seeing 100% CPU load when the instance is idle. Obviously that is not good.


Any pointers are welcome. Thanks.

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