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A really very good image and fantastic work.....


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Hello all,

I have installed the image "Armbian 23.02.0-trunk.0176 Lunar with bleeding edge Linux 6.1.6-bcm2711" on my two Raspi 4 systems.

One system runs via cable and the other via WLAN. At the beginning there were some problems with the IPv6 - kernel, if "apt update" was executed.

I got this problem under control with "disable ipv6".... Since then, both systems run flawlessly & without problems.


With the implementation of GPIO you should fall back on an existing GPIO - version, which works in any case also under this image; also for 64bit.


One small thing I would like to know very much, because on the system with the cable the WaveShare PoE - HAT is installed and I would like to monitor via software very much the FAN.

Unfortunately, this does not work because the software does not see "I2C". In the Config - File, however, you see this as "enable" -

What can I do here? Does anyone have an idea how I can enablen the I2C so that this works?


Best regards from Germany.....



Z. Matthias

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