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HDMI video flicker


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First off this is not a Rockpro64 it is a Rock64 Ver. 2 which the tags field would not let me enter.


A couple years ago when I first started playing with the Rock64, I briefly used armbian as the OS. The flickering video was annoying so later I tried Manjaro which worked fairly well. Recently the (Manjaro/Arch) updates (as well as latest images) completely break the HDMI output. Since the system was rendered usless, I downloaded the latest Armbian Jammy hoping for better results. The image loaded from SD fine, I did updates manually fine, and it rebooted fine. The only problem I experience is that that anoying HDMI video flicker. It's worse when there is any system activity, IE: if the mouse is rolled over an Icon, or if that icon is clicked, the screen becomes a blur of random horizontal lines as the screen jumps. I've looked but havn't found a comprehensive solution to this issue; much of what is out there is "old news" can anyone steer me in the right direction to fix this?

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Armbian Linux community supported weekly builds download

This happens on both the Rock64 and Renegade and I would think other boards using the RK3328 SoC.. The fix is to patch, compile and in this case, re-flash u-boot.

The attachment patch has been tested on U-Boot v2022.07/10


HDMI output appears to be broken on 6.1.y "in my experience". So if Manjaro has moved to that kernel, that would explain why HDMI is no longer working.


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Thanks for that cOrnelius. I've never messed with uboot yet I'll do some research first. As far as Manjaro goes it was fine in the previous version on the Rock 64 as well as a Radxa Rock 3A. (Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-rock64 (or 3A)-21.10.img)  When the systems were updated to 22.06 the HDMI died. on both. I've installed Armbian 22.11.1 jammy_current 5.15.80 on the Rock 64 and Armbian 22.11.2 jammy_edge 5.15.80 on the Rock 3a. Only the Rock 64 has video issues. 

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