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HDD 1 Missing


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I had to change the Rack 1 HDD because I got an email telling me that this disk was broken. So I ordered new discs to make my replacement. When I put my new disk my problem started.

For information my old disk was perfectly visible before I changed it and the led was functional too.


I have a strange problem and I'm afraid it's hardware. Currently I have Rack 1 (HDD 1) which no longer detects my disks, there are no more LEDs lighting up,

we can clearly hear the HDD lighting up, but it is not visible in the CLI and not via the WebUI.

Im using OMV 6.x with kernel 5.15.89 (current) stable

RAID 6 with 5 x 8To


Have try 2 new HDD in Rack 1 KO

Have try to reinstall armbian & omv KO


Have you ever had this problem ?


Could it be a software problem?

Screens : (Only 4 HDD missing /dev/sde)





armbianmonitor : http://ix.io/4oQB


dmesg : https://paste.yunohost.org/sefecotame.vbs


lsblk : "/dev/sde" is missing


sda            8:0    0   7.3T  0 disk  
└─md127        9:127  0  21.8T  0 raid6
sdb            8:16   0   7.3T  0 disk  
└─md127        9:127  0  21.8T  0 raid6
sdc            8:32   0   7.3T  0 disk  
└─md127        9:127  0  21.8T  0 raid6
sdd            8:48   0   7.3T  0 disk  
└─md127        9:127  0  21.8T  0 raid6


Best Regards

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I'm not an expert here, but I have struggled with "failed" disks quite some time meanwhile ... :(


According to your dmesg you disk has no link 

2.670580] ata1: SATA link down (SStatus 0 SControl 300)

I'd interpret this as "there is no disk plugged in" ... so I'd guess it is more a cable topic. 


So I'd do the obvious:

Make sure that the disk is properly plugged in and really reaches the connectors of the backplane.

Inspect the cable harnes from the other side, is it really correctly installed.

In worst case: remove the cable from the vaulty slot and plug it directly into the disc. 


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@liberodark I had HDD not detected twice (on SATA connector the previous one was working before). Unplugging and then replugging the hard drive multiple times ended up working. I read that someone (I do not have the link at hand but likely on the Armbian forum) had this fixed by cleaning the connectors of the SATA harness (on the HDD side) with alcohol. Maybe alcohol is not required, and simply rubbing the connectors with a cloth is sufficient (it could even be on the HDD connector's side).

I did not tried the alcohol on my side as simply replugging a few times did the trick. I put pressure while plugging the HDD in. It may not be necessary to put pressure while plugging but if cleaning the connectors does not help it might be that the SATA data socket does not fit perfectly with the HDD SATA data plug. Hard to tell without further testing. Try with care and if it still does not work tell it here.

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