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A thread about Dolphin the emulator on Orange Pi 5. (Linux not Android)

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Someone asked in a different thread how I got Dolphin to run so thought I'd start a thread so not to pollute the other one.

Basically it wasn't that hard especially if youve done some git'hubbing before.


I think I followed the 'Ubuntu' instructions here.

Make sure you get the dependencies and do all the steps correctly.

It should build without problems if you do.  (remember you have a lot of cores on Opi5 so can use 'make -j6' or even higher)





You then want to set a config flag to make Dolphin use GLES instead of big brother OpenGL.

(you probably want to run it at least once to generate the config files)


nano ~/.config/dolphin-emu/GFX.ini
add a line:
PreferGLES = True


But when running one of the more common games I got a shader compilation error.

I hacked around that and also reported it on the Dolpin bug report site and it should be fixed soon when the 'PR' gets accepted.

In the meantime you can read here what to do,





Note that in my youtube video I get a good fps but later on in the game when you get to the first village the transparencies in the central square bonfire completely kills fps.

The same happens in Metroid Prime when you have the large bluish holo walls in view.

Mario Kart runs pretty well most of the time. Mario Sunshine as well at least in the plaza area I have't tried further.



Cheers and Good Luck!



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Ah yes, a fellow GC nerd, I too have compiled dolphin for my Rock5 and from source RetroArch and cores. GC from what I can see, just runs significantly better on android. Devo'd, there was some wayland support worked on years ago but it stopped.

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