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Problem when booting from SD card


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I have tried booting multiple different images from Armbian, But when I bootup I get the message below.

I have tried 8 different charger, 5V 3A, PD 3.0, 35W charger, 10W charger...

I'm using a Sandisk Extreme SD card, I have flashed the board using both the SPI found from radxa wiki, and the rkspi_loader.img found from github.


If there is any other information, please let me know.


Should be noted that I took a picture and used image-to-text to get the output below.




15.1599071 usb usb?: Manufacturer: Linux 5.10.110-media xhci-hcd
15.1616491 usb usb?: SerialNumber: xhci-hcd.9.auto
15.1636651 hub 7-0:1.0: USB hub found
15.165394] hub 7-0:1.0: 1 port detected
15.1672421 xhci-hcd xhci-hcd.9.auto: xHCI Host Controller
15.168099] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 2 using ehci-platform
15.1690591 xhci-hcd xhci-hcd.9.auto: new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 8
15.1768571 xhci-hcd xhci-hcd.9.auto: Host supports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
15.1786371 usb usb8: We don't know the algorithms for LPM for this host, disabling LPM.
15.1804561 usb usb8: New USB device found, idVendor=1d6b, idProduct=0003, bcdDevice= 5.10 15.1822331 usb usb8: New USB device strings: Mfr=3, Product=2, SerialNumber=1
15.1840001 usb usb8: Product: xHCI Host Controller
15.1857631 usb usb8: Manufacturer: Linux 5.10.110-media xhci-hcd
15.1875271 usb usb8: Serial Number: xhci-hcd.9.auto
15.1895731 hub 8-0:1.0: USB hub found
15.1913191 hub 8-0:1.0: 1 port detected
15.193273] usbcore: registered new interface driver cdc_acm
15.1950061 cdc_acm: USB Abstract Control Model driver for USB modems and ISDN adapters
15.196774] usbcore: registered new interface driver cdc_wdm
15.200702] mousedeu: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice
15.2039461 input: rk805 purkey as /devices/platform/feb20000.spi/spi_master/spi2/spi2.0/rk805-purkey.6.auto/input/input 15.206244] i2c /deu entries driver
15.2120021 udd_cpu_big0_s0: supplied by ucc5u0_sys
15.2225661 udd_cpu_big1_s0: supplied by ucc5v0_sys
15.2336861 udd_npu_s0: supplied by ucc5u0_sys
15.2552841 rtc-hym8563 6-0051: rtc information is invalid
15.2590711 rtc-hym8563 6-0051: registered as rtco
15.2611111 rtc-hym8563 6-0051: setting system clock to 2021-01-01T12:00:00 UTC (1609502400)
15.268218] rk_hdmirx fdee0000.hdmirx-controller: No reserved memory for HDMIRX, use default CMA
15.2700571 rk_hdmirx fdee0000.hdmirx-controller: hdmirx_probe: cpu_aff:0x400, Bound_cpu:4, wdt_cfg_bound_cpu:5 15.2723781 rk_hdmirx fdee0000.hdmirx-controller: hdmirx_audio_interrupts_setup: 0
15.2750511 rk_hdmirx fdee0000.hdmirx-controller: rk_hdmirx_hdcp_register success
15.2769011 rk_hdmirx fdee0000.hdmirx-controller: fdee0000.hdmirx-controller driver probe ok!
15.278864] usbcore: registered new interface driver uucvideo
15.280686] USB Video Class driver (1.1.1)
15.2841191 rockchip-thermal fec00000.tsadc: Missing rockchip.grf property
15.286602] rockchip-thermal fec00000.tsadc: tsadc is probed successfully!
15.2894591 cpu cpuo: bin=0
15.2914211 cpu cpu: leakage=16
15.2946621 cpu cpu: putm=1510
15.2965221 cpu cpu: putm-volt-sel=5
15.3003471 cpu cpu4: bin=0
15.3022771 cpu cpu4: leakage=13
15.3105411 cpu cpu4: putm=1771
15.3155491 cpu cpu4: putm-volt-sel-6
15.3200611 cpu cpu6: bin=0
15.3219201 cpu cpu6: leakage=13
15.325449] usb 1-1: New USB device found, idVendor-1a40, idProduct-0101, bcdDevice= 1.11 15.3301281 cpu cpu6: putm-1787
15.3315241 usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=0, Product=1, SerialNumber=0
15.3371651 cpu cpu6: putm-volt-sel=7
15.339311] usb 1-1: Product: USB 2.0 Hub
15.3477531 hub 1-1:1.0: USB hub found
15.3488231 cpu cpu: avs=0
15.3563951 cpu cpu4: aus=0
15.3583261 hub 1-1:1.0: 4 ports detected
15.3589071 cpu cpu6: aus=0
15.3661101 cpu cpu: EM: created perf domain
15.3677641 cpu cpu: 1=10000 h=85000 hyst-5000 1_limit=0 h_limit=1608000000 h_table=0 15.3700251 cpu cpu4: EM: created perf domain
15.3716851 cpu cpu4: 1-10000 h=85000 hyst-5000 1_limit=0 h_limit=2208000000 h_table=0


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