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Khadas EDGE2 + kernel 6.x + pancsf

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Version 20230401 with kernel 6.2 (pancsf-midstream).

With HDMI USB support. 




To enable HW acceleration, install the mesa package with the forced overwrite option or an archive to enable acceleration for wayland. To enable wayland acceleration, you need to replace the files in the /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu directory with the contents of the archive (with file replacement). After that, acceleration will work with wayland. X11 and wayland acceleration works the same way on Debian Sid (the images are the same as Ubuntu). After starting the system and initial configuration, replace the files from the archive in the same way and acceleration will work. The results of running in Debian Sid Gnome for x11 and wayland.


dpkg -i --force-overwrite mesa_23.0.0-dev-2_arm64.deb 


After installation and reboot, HW acceleration will work in x11 and wayland.

Please note, this is a test version of mesa for the initial evaluation of the work, some of the functions do not work in it and there may be bugs.

With x11, the system works more stably, but the test results are lower than in gnome+wayland.





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