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  1. The overlay works normally in a running system. See this topic. The kernel already has everything, you only need to add the necessary overlay immediately in a working system. No complicated steps with old u-boot scripts are needed. You can change everything on the fly in a running system. https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/dragonboard/dragonboard410c/guides/dt-overlays.md.html#32-loading-overlays-via-configfs
  2. The system is running, see the topic above, there is no output to UART after that, everything goes to HDMI. Therefore, for the first setup, you need an HDMI and USB keyboard.
  3. Ver 20220729. VisionFive kernel 5.19-rc8
  4. Test version with EFI\Grub support (with HDMI output) for rk3399. for station p1 https://disk.yandex.ru/d/HZ34T76zxS9pnw for nanopc t4 https://disk.yandex.ru/d/SjBMYJ37U6699A firefly-rk3399 https://disk.yandex.ru/d/BfrzRRyvdtavIg
  5. This model does not have a built-in LAN port (which can be automatically configured at the first start via DHCP, so that you can connect via SSH from a PC and perform the initial configuration of the system and WiFi). Therefore, for the first launch and setup, you need either an HDMI and USB keyboard, or a USB-LAN. It doesn't make any difference, it's just a historically established name for my development branch.
  6. I don't have rock 3a, I don't know what's wrong with it. I described the facts, I regularly run a test video on the devices indicated in the message and the video is played without problems in Armbian in a window or on full screen (regular video playback programs are used, mpv\celsior). I have not changed FFMPEG in Armbian. In Libreelec, I can enable the display of information when playing a video and it says that HW is used (but not for all formats). But even with SW decoding, test videos play well up to 1440p (DE is set to 1080p).
  7. I tested (Armbian and Libreelec) the rk356x (Station P2\M2 Quartz64 Banana PI r2 pro) - it plays 1080p video in MPV\KODI without any problems kernel >=5.17.
  8. Ver 20220718 kernel 5.18.12 and 5.19-rc7 Ver 20220719-EFI test version that uses EFI\Grub to run (kernel 5.19-rc7).
  9. This is the initial development version and I have not tested its use with Docker. There may be errors\missing necessary settings\dependencies. If you have the information and you have checked what is missing to run the build in Docker, you can send a PR or write your steps, what and where you added.
  10. Alpha version 20220714 of Armbian images with EFI\GRUB support. Tested on Quartz64 A. If there are users of other models here, it is interesting to check the work of UEFI\GRUB on other Quartz64 models. https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=16312&pid=111453#pid111453
  11. Version 20220710 for SfarFive. Important change, Ubuntu\Armbian switched to using UEFI. Debian\Armbian will be switched to using UEFI in the near future, while several packages necessary for UEFI are missing in Debian network repositories for riscv64, with the release of these packages in Debian network repositories or I will temporarily use DEB EFI packages from Ubuntu, Debian images will also be completely switched to the UEFI startup system (grub). It is welcome if there are participants who are ready to help with porting the necessary DEB EFI packages for Debian. By the way, Rick is actively working on adding new DE for RISC-V in Armbian, several new DE will be ready soon, if you are interested in specific DE, write to this topic, it will help determine which direction to do first.
  12. New version 20220702 for StarFive. Kernel 5.19-rc4. An important change. The system has been switched to using the new version of u-boot (in the future it will be a complete transition to UEFI). For details on how to upgrade to the new version of u-boot, see this topic. https://forum.rvspace.org/t/universal-u-boot-update/560/2
  13. Ver 20220629 for StarFive add image Icewm.
  14. Ver 20220627 for D1 , fix auto-resize to image Sid console
  15. You were specifically written to send links only to private messages, and not to post on the forum.
  16. https://forum.rvspace.org/t/based-on-risc-v-ultra-high-performance-8-core-soc-what-end-product-do-you-want/494
  17. Ver 20220626 for Nezha. changed u-boot for all D1.
  18. After booting the system, if the USB does not work, disconnect the device (hub) and reconnect. Sometimes you have to do this several times in order for the USB to be determined and work. When connected via the hub, some of the devices may not work, they need to be disconnected and reconnected. If the UART console is connected, disconnect it, this may also be the reason that USB devices do not start. Check the power supply, there may not be enough power for USB.
  19. Icewm for Sid risc-v https://disk.yandex.ru/i/9JcsIs0qjggEhQ
  20. Can I see a link to this build system ? By the way, I used your settings to add ICEWM support and am now finishing the build and testing, after checking I will upload the images (dir 20220624) and update my GIT branch with IceWM support.
  21. https://aliexpress.ru/wholesale?SearchText=MangoPi MQ-Pro
  22. Yesterday I received a package with several RISC-V . LicheeRV Dock 1Gb RAM https://aliexpress.ru/wholesale?catId=&SearchText=licheerv https://aliexpress.ru/item/1005003741287162.html?spm=a2g0o.store_pc_groupList.8148356.10.634c6c1eCMxAUV&pdp_npi=2%40dis!RUB!433%2C22 руб.!433%2C22 руб.!433%2C22 руб.!!!!%40211675cd16561459245752814e4dac!12000027023691112!sh&_ga=2.236496521.966620063.1656144952-1531286276.1577293564 Mango MQ Pro 1GB RAM https://www.cnx-software.com/2022/04/09/mangopi-mq-pro-a-20-risc-v-alternative-to-raspberry-pi-zero-w/ DongshanNeZhaSTU 512Mb RAM https://dongshanpi.aliexpress.ru/store/all-wholesale-products/1101988308.html?spm=a2g2w.detail.1000061.2.764e6552Vt9KGE&_ga=2.261221893.966620063.1656144952-1531286276.1577293564 quick check showed that the Nasha images run well and work on all D1 models. Show the correct RAM size. With DongshanNeZhaSTU, I have not yet been able to get USB to work, so management is only via LAN (ssh).
  23. New ver 20220622 for D1 (Nezha Lichee RV Mango MQ pro etc) and StarFive V1 (u740) add image Debian Sid (server and DE XFCE).
  24. I am not a specialist in XFCE, but try immediately after writing the image to the SD card (before the first launch), immediately add the desired resolution to extlinux.conf, so that all the primary XFCE settings would immediately pass with this resolution.
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