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banana pi m2 zero bookworm doesn't enable eth0 and usb


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I did try the latest Armbian 23.5 Bookworm on my banana pi m2 zero with allwinner h3 chip and I couldn't get the USB OTG port working (i. e. no keyboard recognition) and eth0 also did not work.

After a lot of searching I found an old image (BananaPi-M2zero_Armbian_2021.08.1_bullseye_CLI_5.10.60.img) which did work.

I wonder what happened to the kernel Kernel 6.2.y edition and why those crucial hardware features are not working anymore.

Is there a vault somewhere of older armbian software revisions?

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I also have the same problem. The last image that worked for me was focal (buster also works).


Bookworm boots but does not activate USB.

Jammy does not boot at all.


I'd like to help and have volunteered to help with maintaining the BPIm2zero. No word from the armbian crew if I will be accepted.

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36 minutes ago, katoomba said:

No word from the armbian crew if I will be accepted.

You don't need to be 'accepted' to help.  Anyone can submit PRs and contribute.  I would recommend just getting active on the forum helping others, and any code improvements you can make for the device can be submitted as PRs.

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In  case anyone stumbles upon this thread, check this one https://forum.armbian.com/topic/30140-banana-pi-m2-zero-otg-port-not-working-with-keyboard/ for answers.


The RJ45 Ethernet connector needs to be manually added/soldered onto the board and then follow previous post's instructions ...

OR just use a USB Ethernet adapter (AFTER reading the thread in the link above to re-enable USB host mode).


Hope this helps.

Keep tinkering

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