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armbian gpu performance

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with clean install of armbian plus those 4 lines to install hardware acceleration glmark2-es2 gives score of about 800-900, about less then 25% of performance opi5 is capable. is it possible to raise that a bit, not all the way but just a bit more without instaling gnome or wayland, just to keep armbian as clean as its possible. as it is, its stable but barely(they do run)  able to run 4k youtube oe 4k mkv, as soon as there is gnome and wayland it starts to crash, joshua rieks version, monka, armbian with all the drivers, any i tried it would crash eventualy.

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This Mekatronics box is using the rk3588 with the Mali-G610.  (same gpu as Opi5)

Presumably using the vendor blob drivers.

glmark score:  3696


[ YouTube video showing test + result]


I have been testing the Collabora new Mesa source and using Balbes test kernel builds with pancsf but I'm not getting anything near these numbers.

IIRC I get around 1200-1300.

I don't know what the Collabora plan is here as there doesn't seem to be much action as far as I can tell as an outside observer.

Not sure how ready they think this Panfrost version ('v10') is?

EDIT:  Btw regarding video decoding the HW seems extremely capable. Here's a thread talking about 16 1080p streams simultaneously,



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GPU drivers have nothing to do with Armbian. Armbian can only show how to use them. We are not driver developers.
It is expected that the blob Rockchip driver runs way better than the open-source panfrost/panfork drivers. Panfrost might improve in time. N2/N2+/VIM3 at first also performed worse than RK3399 but after time it now outperforms RK3399 by a lot.
Both drivers are very useful to me.

You can use the blob by running in x11 and run your program with "malirun programname"
Not everything will work, but for example PS2 emulation works perfect like that.

Video playback has nothing to do with GPU drivers but VPU drivers. For that there is the multimedia ppa from AmazingFate. 

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