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ffplay segmentation fault


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Hello, thanks for reply.

The images is Armbian_23.05.0_amlogic_s905_bullseye_5.15.110_server_2023.05.13.img.gz

The link is: https://github.com/ophub/amlogic-s9xxx-armbian/releases/download/Armbian_bullseye_lts_2023.05/Armbian_23.05.0_amlogic_s905_bullseye_5.15.110_server_2023.05.13.img.gz

I understend that tv box support are experimental, but I will realy like to use ffplay.



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@Alcide You are not using Armbian. The location you are downloading from is a fork of armbian. They use the Armbian name without permission. We can't help you in these forums because we don't know what code you are using, you need to direct your questions to the location you downloaded your code from. Those developers do not participate in these forums, nor support armbian development.

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I've downloaded image Armbian_23.02.2_Aml-s9xx-box_bullseye_current_6.1.11.img..gz

select dtb and uboot, apt update, apt upgrade, apt install ffmpeg

and ffplay always same issue "segmentatiom fault" when image shoul appear





and the error is different:

"Failed to create window or renderer: Can't load EGL/GL library on window creation."


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