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Orange pi pc plus Armbian unable to boot from emmc



Hi guys


I am having some issues with booting from emmc


created a  sdcard with th latest armbian version for the orange pi pc plus

can boot it without problems


updated and upgraded everything.

then ran nand-sata-install all seems to be going ok but after that it wont boot from emmc without sd card inserted


I am pretty sure I am missing something obvious  lol


any help with be greatly appreciated







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ok im am officialy lost now


latest beta image cant get it to boot from emmc

install goes just fine no errors at all but no boot.


installed the latest official armbian image 5.20 same problem


installed  5.20 server version  with no desktop no problems at all.

ran nand_sata_install  rebooted

boots just fine from emmc


anybody any idea ?

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