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PROSB3000. AllWinner H313 , 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage, sun50iw9p1


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Looking for Linux for this X96 TVBox variant, model PROB3000 2GB DDRIII + 16 GB eMMC




Tag on board: BA301 v1.3 XR819 NJ 2+16


CPU: Allwinner h313 (H616 datasheet covers H313, just higher clock and 4GB RAM support: https://linux-sunxi.org/images/3/30/H616_Datasheet_V1.0.pdf )

MCP> LPDDR3 SDRAM + eMMC chip: Samsung KMR8X000IM-B608 ( https://file2.dzsc.com/product/20/05/07/1115580_113217385.pdf )

WLAN chip: XR819 ( https://linux-sunxi.org/images/8/8f/XR819_Datasheet_V1.0-EN.pdf )













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On 8/23/2023 at 4:54 PM, javaxsousa said:

Attached I send the boot log

Lots of fails, that firmware is improper for your hardware, and your hardware is older and not even similar to this one in this post. Better open a separate post and add more photos, I think there are missing chips in your photo. Your PMU is pictured as AXP305 and your log says "Unknown PMU AXP806" ? Very different circuit and chipset.

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Hi, sorry my english

Did you got a working system?

I can boot MiniArch-20231112-6.7.4-board-h313.x96_q_lpddr3-SD-Image but ethernet won't work and MiniArch-20231112-6.7.4-board-h616.tanix_tx6s_axp313-SD-Image won't boot..


I'm in hope to get Klipper work on this tvbox


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Connect usb cable into an Android smartphone and select "USB Thetering" in smartphone... But in new release(v20240522) Ethernet was showing working(not tested), and wifi too(tested).


I've give up because can't add CAN network module(don't know how), this is necessary to run my project (3d printer with klipper and can toolhead).


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