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Cannot boot since update to Linux 6.1.11-meson64


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I recently updated my N2 server from Bullseye to Bookworm. Reboot went fine. I then noticed I still had the old kernel from the linux-image-odroidn2 package (4.9.190-odroidn2), so I ran armbian-config, and told it to switch to linux-image-current-meson64. It installed packages for a bit, then rebooted on its own without asking. Since then, every boot is stuck with a U-boot logo at the top right of the screen.


What I tried:


  • Fixed a couple of issues in /boot (zImage was a symlinked to the old `vmlinuz-4.9.190-odroidn2` that no longer existed, I made it point to `vmlinuz-6.1.11-meson64` instead; `boot.ini` referred to `boot/dtb/amlogic/meson64_odroidn2.dtb` instead of `boot/dtb/amlogic/meson-g12b-odroid-n2.dtb`).
  • Chrooted from a working sdcard to run `apt reinstall linux-image-current-meson64 linux-u-boot-odroidn2-current` (with /dev /sys /proc bind-mounted)
  • Restored from a backup (before the kernel update)
  • Copied all of /boot from a working N2 sdcard to this one.


However, booting from another sdcard on the same board still works.


Any idea what I can do next to fix this sdcard?


Thank you for your help

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