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WARNING: Update to 23.8.1 Bullseye with Linux 6.1.47-current-sunxi64 breaks WiFi



I just run an "sudo apt upgrade" and my 22.05 system was upgraded to 23.8.1 As a result WiFi stopped working. The wireless interface disappeared and can not be configured with armbian-config.

On the positive side it seems like the load bug is now fixed, load can now be 0.0.0 at its lowest as opposed to 1.1.1 before.


is there a way to revert back to the old kernel with Armbian?

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@Timo12357Thanks for reporting this. We are already aware of this issue. However there seems to be far more problem there for this board as I can observe on my OPi3 LTS. I am working on fixing the same. Meanwhile, you can try building the current kernel yourself with uwe5xxx drivers enabled or try installing linux-image-legacy-sunxi64 and linux-dtb-legacy-sunxi64 packages.

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