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network bridge: ethernet to wifi (not a wifi hotspot)


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my box is a H96 pro plus TV box, installed Armbian 23.08.0-trunk Lunar.

was working well stand alone, had ethernet and wifi, I decided make use of this box as a network-bridge

I wanted to connect a 3d printer that only has ethernet to wifi, just to transfer files.


so finding instructions on this (reverse network bridge?)  was difficult, some say's it can't be done, found one person said he just did it but was for a rpi I think using dhcpcd. 

but anyways when I installed dhcpcd it removed nmcli and now my wifi is disconnected and ethernet is no longer listed.

still messing with it to see if I can get it back, but I attached the script he gave me that supposedly worked for dhcpcd, if anyone wants to check it out.

is there a way to do it with  nmcli? (network-manager)

has anyone done a network bridge to connect a ethernet device to wifi? 


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So you want to link your box to the printer with ethernet and give the printer wifi? This is easy with a wifi-repeater-bridge but you want your box to do that.


If you can give the printer an static IP and gateway I think you can do. Just asiggn static IPs to all the adapters within your router's IP. For exemple:


Router IP

Printer IP

Printer Gateway

Box IP

Box Gateway

Wifi IP


Also you can bridge adapters like this https://www.baeldung.com/linux/bridging-network-interfaces



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glad to hear it is simple.  

right now I have to figure out how to get nmcli back on ,   dhcpcd removed it and does not have internet connection, it is connected and has a IP address on both wlan0 and eth0 but no internet to install network-manager.


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