Orange Pi PC - 1280x800

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I am opening new topic because I simply cannot get monitor running on 1280x800. I only get shrinked picture, that isn't that I am looking. I also cannot understand how to add new resolution to kernel.

Please help, thanks all in advance

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Hi Tomter, 

If you not already have done it, in the very right corner on top, hit search and look for: resolution


There are a couple threads to that topic (and custom resolution) already that might guide you.




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I have another issue, only on 720p and 1080p is picture with normal colours. On other is green and pink, so it doesn't work.

Reply on previous comments: I have checked this topics, but I haven't found where is this patch put? In which directory?

I have also tried SD card with h3 disp helper, but it didn't boot, probably because is made in VM. Is there another solution for Windows image burner?

I am complete newbie on LCD timings, so please help me.

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On PC with AMD graphics I get detailed report of LCD, if helps:

Horizontal Timing Total - 1688
Horizontal Timing Display - 1280
Horizontal Timing Front Porch - 48
Horizontal Timing Sync Width - 112
Vertical Timing Total - 1066
Vertical Timing Display - 1024
Vertical Timing Front Porch - 1
Vertical Timing Sync Width - 3
Horizontal Timing Polarity - Positive
Vertical Timing Polarity - Positive
Interlaced/Progressive - Progressive
G.Pixel Clock (KHz) - 108000
G.Refresh Rate (Hz) - 60.0197
Current HDCP Status - Disabled
Current Link Settings - Not Available

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