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How to update kernel

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Hello guys


can you teach please how to update Armbian's kernel on my device without replacing whole SD image ?  


thank you

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A bit late but may help others.


The output/debs directory contains a number of debian package files (.deb). The 2 relevant to the kernel are linux-image-xxxxx and linux-headers-xxxxxx. If you rysnc those onto your board, you can then install with 

sudo dpkg -i path/to/linux-xxxx.deb


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I was looking for a way to update a kernel for my board and i found easy and complete way to do it in armbian docs:


basically the way is to use armbian-config utility. If you are missing the program just:

sudo apt-get install armbian-config

And here is entire instruction:



as a note, you can do way more with this utility it is pretty handy to know it :)

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