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Kernel -rcX : Last version issues


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Let's make a topic dedicated to the latest issues with the latest Linux Release Candidate provided on the Linus Torvalds git repository.


So, on the 4.13.0-rc6, I got a crash on boot on my MiQi devices due to some changes in the logging functions used by the STMMAC Ethernet driver. I reverted some of their changes by just commenting the new logging function.

I'll try to get in touch with the person who wrote the commit that generated this issue, as he tends to roam in the #linux-rockchip IRC channel.


Meanwhile, here's the patch :


Here's the issue :


And here's the commit that generated that issue :


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3 hours ago, TonyMac32 said:

:(  Why can't things just work???  

(A little bit off-topic) Because it's a release candidate kernel, and moreover it's not an LTS kernel.

For example even in stable 4.12 LIRC was completely broken, and then in 4.12.5 to 4.12.6 changelog I've found this (fix). 

Stuff like this makes you rethink tying the Armbian releases to mainline releases.


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So the issue is now resolved in linux-next, which is one of the official git repository that pull the changes that will happen in the next version following the current Release or Release Candidate.


I imported the patch and here it is :



The official patch being :


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Stock OS ? You mean ASUS Debian image ? Yeah, I guess you can give it a try.


I got ready-to-use kernel files here :



That said, my configuration and ARMbian kernel configuration might differ in some places.

Also, I'm only testing my kernels on MiQi devices so I can't guarantee that everything will work on Tinkerboard systems.

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