M3 & M2Berry SD card can not be formatted

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The new board only make difficulties the img of http://forum.banana-pi.org/ are very questionable

  When formatting, it always says write-protected under Windows (read-only)
  On Linux with fdisk is the deletion of the partitions, is not a failure message but with fdisk -l is everything as before.
  I have tried several attempts from the net but no success.
  With me are already two cards defective, are nail new.

  This problem is when copying with the DD command and Raspbian Pixel SD copier.

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4 hours ago, Wolf2000 said:

The problem is read-only.

Observation ≠ problem :P

It's not such an unusual behaviour of dying SD-Cards that they are read only. 


New doesn't mean anything. I bought some from aliexpress for some experiments with 'unreliable SD-Cards'. None of them passed h2testw without errors, one wasn't recognized at all and one was read only after first h2testw.

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