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Automount UFDs to /media


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I was wondering if I could have automount feature for every UFD or USB Hard Drives to the /media folder. As i've investigated it, it would only mount if I get to click its icon on the desktop.


I'm running bananapi as my headless file/media/print server. I shared the /media folder to the network through samba and was kept wondering why I'm unable to access every flash and hard drive I'm connecting to my bananapi as it does in my Raspberry Pi (when I share its /media folder in samba).


Is there anything that I could do instead of adding it to fstab and manually restarting or manually mounting it every time I connect a media to my Banana Pi server?


Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you!

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For me it didn't despite several attempts on different hard drives I used. I had to click on the mount icon on the desktop just so the external hard drive would mount. It is a huge problem for us users running a headless serve meant to be used in a household. :(

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