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New 5.33 H3 legacy build, h3disp problem


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Just did a brand new fresh out of the oven, 5.33 build, OPiPC, legacy Ubuntu desktop, RT patch enabled.


It looks h3disp cannot change the .fex/,bin, (sunxi tools problem?)

christos@orangepipc:~$ sudo h3disp -m 10
Now trying to patch script.bin with your settings. Aborted
Could not convert script.bin to fex. Exiting


Also notice a strange file in the created first user home folder, the file name is *ii* .. seen that in 5.32 too but forgot to report it.






Managed to get it working though with removing sunxi-tools package, download make and install the github version of sunxi-tools. But somehow this should be fixed in the released 5.33 Armbian.

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