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board: Orange pi One

OS: Armbian 16.04


I installed the opi monitor using the command: sudo armbianmonitor -r     


error: Memory usage is not displayed, show only:  Used: NaNkB (NaN%) Available: NaNkB Total: NaNkB


The free memory is displayed in the statistics, but not in the Status.


I try:

edit file /etc/rpimonitor/template/memory.conf 
Locate line reading dynamic.15.source=/usr/bin/free -mk
Replace this line and the following (in my version: lines 21 and 22) with

Save file and restart rpi-monitor . But still memory usage not show any value in the status


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1 hour ago, Marthinius said:


This file is original contents from RPi-Monitor. I never touched it since displaying 'free memory' is misleading anyway. The issue came up multiple times (use the google search box on the upper right please) and you might find some 'fixes', eg. https://forum.armbian.com/topic/4418-how-to-select-a-good-board-processor/?do=findComment&comment=34439


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