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Wechip V7, TX8 MAX, Z69 3G RAM don´t boot


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Hi @ all,

i got 3 Boxes and cant boot in Armbian.




I think i´ve put the right dtb.img file (correct in Libreelec) in the boot root Directory.

My Image is Armbian_5.34_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_server_20171104.img


i become a Blackscreen and seconds late the TV/Monitor lost the Signal.


Sorry for my bad english and i hope anyone can help me



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1. Try to run without dtb file.

2. How long are you waiting from the time the screen turns off ? The system start-up can take 5-10 minutes (screen is black , no signal).

3. What medium are you using SD card or USB flash drive ?

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