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Librecomputer Renegade RK3328



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Hi everybody,

I'm having some troubles with my renegade board: I flashed the bullseye image with mainline kernel (5.10) in an sdcard, put it in my roc-rk3328-cc board (4GB) and tried to boot. U-boot starts without problems, the kernel and dtb gets loaded from the /boot partition on the sdcard, the system starts to boot but when it comes to look for the root filesystem (by uuid), it cannot be found. A little digging in the problem showed that the sdcard is not recognized by the kernel (in fact writing the same image in a USB key works, because the filesystem is found by uuid in it), and dmesg shows a problem with the sdmmc-regulator:


reg-fixed-voltage sdmmc-regulator: Failed to register regulator: -517


This error is repeated various time (around 20) and then stops. The following is the output of # cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio

gpiochip0: GPIOs 0-31, parent: platform/pinctrl, gpio0:

gpiochip1: GPIOs 32-63, parent: platform/pinctrl, gpio1:
 gpio-50  (                    |snps,reset          ) out hi ACTIVE LOW
 gpio-58  (                    |vcc-host1-5v-regulat) out hi

gpiochip2: GPIOs 64-95, parent: platform/pinctrl, gpio2:
 gpio-66  (                    |ir-receiver         ) in  hi ACTIVE LOW

gpiochip3: GPIOs 96-127, parent: platform/pinctrl, gpio3:

gpiochip4: GPIOs 511-511, parent: platform/ff100000.syscon:grf-gpio, ff100000.syscon:grf-gpio:
 gpio-511 (                    |vccio_sd            ) out hi


An the following is the output of cat /sys/kernel/debug/regulator/regulator_summary


 regulator                      use open bypass  opmode voltage current     min     max
 regulator-dummy                  3    2      0 unknown     0mV     0mA     0mV     0mV
    ff580000.usb-vusb_a           1                                 0mA     0mV     0mV
    ff580000.usb-vusb_d           1                                 0mA     0mV     0mV
 vcc_sys                          1    1      0 unknown  5000mV     0mA  5000mV  5000mV
    vcc_host1_5v                  1    0      0 unknown  5000mV     0mA     0mV     0mV
 vcc_phy                          2    1      0 unknown     0mV     0mA     0mV     0mV
    ff540000.ethernet-phy         1                                 0mA     0mV     0mV
 vccio_sd                         1    0      0 unknown  1800mV     0mA  1800mV  3300mV


In both cases, vcc_sd doesn't show up, which lets me think that the regulator doesn' register.


As far as I understand this is the regulator to power the sdcard, but I don't understand why it doesn't register. With various other OSes the sdcard works fine, so I would exclude an hardware problem.

Since I am able to boot from USB I can provide any output required (dmesg, decompiled dtb, etc).


Thanks for your help!


PS: reading various forums, I have the doubt that two boards exists, firefly and libre computer. I think mine is the libre computer one, but I didn't find a way to be 100% sure... I have this doubt because the product page states that the power LED is blue, while mine is red.

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