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Best kernel for OPi+ 2e server


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Hello everyone. I just got an Orange Pi Plus 2e, which I intend to use a as a personal cloud server. I understand that, in this board, Legacy Kernel is much better than Mainline for desktop usage (video accel, TV out, etc.), but I am not so clear about which one is better for a server.


May main concerns are:

  • Ethernet and Wifi speed and reliabililty (ethernet will conect to Internet, and Wifi to home devices as an AP)
  • I/O speed for the USB attached HD
  • Security


Any advice about which Kernel to choose? Thanks!

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Indeed, it's just vice-versa.


Mainline is suited for servers, legacy is old but has extra mefia support (drivers) so it's suited for desktops that don't need newer kernel.


Edit: my fault, I just understood it wrong.


Every point is better in mainline. The only exceptiin may be wifi, but no idea about this specific model.


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3 hours ago, JMCC said:

Legacy kernel both for server and desktop, as their recommended downloads for OPi+ 2e

Mainline is in 'testing phase' on most h2+/H3 boards. Things may not work as expected (or not working at all, e.g. CSI). It doesn't make sense to recommend mainline images as long as armbian does not provide stable builds. Nevertheless, you can download mainline images under other downloads (but armbian doesn't provide end-user support at the moment). 

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