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[please read first] Armbian build framework. Welcome!


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Dear contributors,
the Armbian build framework sub-forum is dedicated to collaborate on the tool founded by Igor. The framework itself is opensource/GPL.

Please add in the title, if possible:

[WiP] = Work in Progress
[RFC] = Request for Comment
[TEST], [TEST/CPU/Board] = Feed back on tests
[Device specific]
[Board specific]

The framework doc is here [WIP]


The tool aims at building {legacy, vanilla} linux kernels as well as (user-)patching/creating complete working images with {trusty,wheezy,jessie} to write on your flash {sdcard/NAND}


Long story short... feel free to:

  • Report bugs related to build script itself or patches supplied with it;
  • Suggest new features and enhancements to building process;
  • Participate in testing new and experimental features;
  • Make contributions to support new boards.

In other words, 

  • talk about development of {possible,on going} new features & boards;
  • talk about QA/testing of the framework and report issues when using the Armbian build framework.

Igor: "It used to be a hobby. Now it's a full time job ... but still a hobby ;). Thanks."


Feel free to support Armbian to allow more ARM boards to be handled and enjoy up-to-date kernel & system images / kernel packages.

Thanks for contributions from the past and in the present from:



Some contributors (listed out-of-order, PM/tell me to complete the list, please):
& Many other people [to be completed]



So, Welcome to Armbian the framework behind the scene ;)


Guillaume, benevolent moderator & tester.

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