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[PATCH rockchip] RK3288 DEV Config: Remove unused/impossible drivers, convert others to Modules

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Hi Board,


I have submitted a PR a few minutes ago to Build repo (https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/927) removing some drivers that WILL NOT load in RK3288, because they are specific to other SoCs / Architectures.


I also took the opportunity to convert a batch of drivers / machines to modules, in order to alleviate the kernel size and squeeze some performance (because some of the loaded stuffs does effectively consumes CPU). Well, that's what modules are meant for, right?


The patch was crafted to DEV version. Need more extensive Tinkerboard tests (did not test the GUI) and MiQi (not tested at all, I lack the hardware).


Have a great week,


- RF.

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Tested on MiQi, Igor merged to the development branch.  A quick minerd --benchmark showed 7.1 khash/sec, I had just updated to the previous config 4.16.0 and had tested (same rootfs, only kernel differed) at 6.9 khash/second.  All things were constant other than the kernel config.


Thank you!

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