Orange pi zero+ USB OTG

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There are two physical USB port on the pi zero+ board : one is USB 2.0 host and the the second one is USB 2.0 OTG through a micro USB connector. As I power the card through the expansion pin I would like to turn the micro USB to a regular mode to connect a DVB dongle.


With Armbian 5.38 and Kernel 4.14.14 (and also nightly build) I've done the following modification

- in armbian-config enable usbhost0

- modify the /boot/dtb/allwiner/sun50i-h5-orangepi-zero-plus.dtb

    => decompile the file with dtc

    => edit the dts file and change the line dr_mode = "peripheral" to "host"

    => recompile the file and reboot


After reboot when I dmesg | grep usb0 I've got the message [    2.207647] usb0-vbus: disabling


Is there any solution ?

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