what difference between armium and debian Linux

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18 minutes ago, ramawatar said:

what difference between armbian and debian Linux
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I am not sure if this is what you want to know, but:

- Debian.org or Ubuntu.com officially does not support any of those boards/boxes,

- Armbian userspace has many small but vital performance or security adjustments,

- Armbian fancy some kernel development and a lot of its maintaining. Debian relies on upstream sources for ARM hardware which can be years behind and/or lack of many functions,

- Armbian userspace is lean, clean but 100% Debian (or Ubuntu) compatible

- many stock Debian bugs are fixed on the way, "better than original :)"

- a build system is a central part of this whole ecosystem. You can DIY. Debian much harder.

- dedicated support forums per boards/boxes

- plug and play vs. complicated install scenarios on Stock Debian

- unified development scenarios and user experience vs. mess of different setup instructions scattered all around


I must have forgotten many other important points :)

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