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OrangePi PC+ TVout overscan issue (SOLVED)

Pasha Ram

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So, the solution:


For dealing with tvout overscan you need first to set up lower resolution (fb0_width = 0 and fb0_height = 0) in [disp_init] section of a script.bin file. For me it was fb0_width = 680 and fb0_height = 530. After that, you will get smaller picture, but probably on wrong x,y coordinates.


To fix that "coordinates" you need to install Allwinner TVout tool. Install instruction: https://projects.nwrk.biz/projects/allwinner-tvout/wiki

When you installed TVout tool, just simply run it and follow the instructions. For example, moving picture by x coordinates with following command: tvout -m -x 5 (means +5 pixels to the right), or for example: tvout -m -x -5 (means +5 pixels to the left. And so with Y axis, use n or -n to move up and down.


Thanks for the attention,


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