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Orange Pi Plus2E root access


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hello everybody,


I am new on the linux world but after some search and work , I managed to start my Orange Pi plus 2E  with a stretch image armbian 5.38 and everything is working well.

Recently after successfully installed several domotic solution like Jeedom and Zwave, I start to work on the integration of a 3G card, but I need to use some CLI to change parameters and it is when I discovered that I completely forgot Root password and the other SU abled user account.


Since everything is running from the eMMC, i cannot access to any fils in the OS as explain in some other discussion with card using SD card.


Is there a way to recover the forgotten password?


THank you in advance

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You will need to boot from SDCard, set proper well known passwords and accounts for this one.

Then, after booting, you can log as root and mount the eMMC, and copy/paste the lines from /etc/shadow from SDCard into eMMC one for each users you wish to restore.

Then, eject SDCard and reboot into eMMC ...


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