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Recovery from espressobin installation mistakes

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I goofed-up my espressobin install and need to recover and start over.


Here is what happened (to my embarrassment):


I recently obtained a 1GB espressobin from Amazon.com.  I flashed the Armbian_5.59_Espressobin_Debian_stretch_next_4.18.6.img to a Sandisk Ultra and booted the board. The marvell>> prompt came up just fine, and I used the command bubt .flash-image-1g-1cs-800_800.bin spi usb to load the flash binary from my usb drive.  But I did not know at the time that the correct flash to use was actually flash-image-1g-1cs-1000_800.bin.  But my worse mistake was applying the script given on the instruction page, where it says: "Updated u-boot needs new default boot environment and new boot script (overwrite the one on your /boot media – needed only if you upgrade from < v5.59). This is what you need to copy/paste into u-boot prompt:".  I guess I was supposed to use the script at https://dl.armbian.com/espressobin/u-boot/bootscript/ ?   I tried to apply that script after the mistake, but it generated errors.


So now when I try to boot the board, this is the kind output I get on my minicom:

## Error: "bootcmd_" not defined
** Bad device : 0x6d00000 **
## Executing script at 06d00000
Wrong image format for "source" command

So this is a mess.  How do I go about recovering and getting back on track?





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On 9/12/2018 at 7:00 AM, thomasgrzybowski said:

How do I go about recovering and getting back on track?


You can try these settings to boot from SD or sata into 4.18.y  (at the Marvell>> prompt) - no boot script is used in this case.


If you intend to use the boot script you need to adapt /boot/boot.cmd (i.e. if you boot from sd into 4.18.y you should specify 'setenv rootdev "/dev/mmcblk1p1" ' and recompile boot.scr with 'mkimage -C none -A arm -T script -d /boot/boot.cmd /boot/boot.scr' on the command line within your OS)


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