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Realtek in near futur ?


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Armbian Linux community supported weekly builds download

Orange Pi R2 announced to be available back in April might be ready in November: https://www.cnx-software.com/2018/09/23/realtek-rtd1296-u-boot-linux-source-code-rtd1619-cortex-a55-soc/#comment-556261


I wonder whether the board is still at $79 as announced back in April... BPi people charge $93 for their BPi-W2 but there you need to acquire a Wi-Fi/BT combo card that fits into the M.2 Key E slot separately (and by reading through this mess here choosing Bpi's own RTL8822 card seems to be the best idea -- most probably this chip is part of RealTek's reference design)


BTW: SinoVoip is about to throw out a few new and of course totally incompatible boards soon just to ensure software support situation will be the usual mess :) Watch them here already: http://www.banana-pi.org 

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