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Better video playback with Vivaldi Browser - for all arm sbc's


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Hi all.
I've discovered Vivaldi Browser for arm. A fork of Chromium.
There is a armhf version and a arm64 version.
Youtube playback with this is a lot better. I've tested it on the NanoPi M4.
The same video in Chromium had 2/3 dropped frames. (10 frames/s) 1080p video
With Vivaldi browser you get 1/3 dropped frames. (20 frames/s)
A lot better experience.

Here you can download it.

Here the source where I found it. From Meveric @ Odroid. Also explanation of how to install. No wget, and change filename to the file you've downloaded for gdebi. Or use gdebi package installer.(not tested)

I tried in armhf on the M4 in armhf Lubuntu, worked great. Also tried the arm64 in Armbian Stretch. Also great.
I didn't find any posts about Vivaldi in the Armbian forum. I thought it could be helpful.

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