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Armbian for Odroid C1 and C2

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v5.12 mentions C1 again, this remembered me to give a short update here.


Last thing I planned was to compose a working mainline kernel from pre compiled stuff at kernelci.org.

Their config is here, modules and zImage are here, dtb here and rootfs (possibly) here.


But as a replacement I had to take my spare C1+ into "production" ad hoc so there is no test platform here at the moment (OPI+2E ordered).


Hint: v5.10 mentions


all 3.10+ kernels are Docker ready

but the C1+ isnt, there is no working docker storage driver for it.

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Hi there! Just noticed a couple of days ago that you managed to provide armbian for the Odroid C2 :). As I'm pretty happy with using armbian on my banana PI, I'm glad to see that the powerful C2 also went into your hands! 


Mainline Kernel Support:

The last couple of weeks there was apparently significant progress with mainline kernel support (Kernel 4.7 seems to be working): http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=22708#p152459



u-boot enhancement

Another developer (Kwiboo from LibreELEC and OpenPHT projects) is working on the u-boot for Odroid C2: 

So if somebody has experience with u-boot and has the skills and willingness to contribute, you could contact kwiboo at forum.odroid.com or Git. I'm sure he'll be very thankful for any Input  :)

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