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RunCPM on armbian - CP/M Weekend fun


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there is a nice little CP/M emulator which do compile fine under armbian.

(There is also a version for the Arduino DUE with SD-Hat or a ESP32/Teensy)


With that you can run many CP/M-Software like Wordstar, dBase II and so on :)


Special on this emulation is that it do use directorys as drives :)

The directory A (or A/0/) would be Drive A>


Maybe you also want do something retro this weekend?


Here is how I did compile/install it on my OPi One:

compile RunCPM:

install ncurses-dev and lua:
apt install libncurses5-dev liblua5.3-dev git make

cd /home/guido/
git clone https://github.com/MockbaTheBorg/RunCPM RunCPM_git
cd RunCPM_git/RunCPM
make posix clean
make posix build
mkdir /home/guido/RunCPM
mkdir /home/guido/RunCPM/A
mkdir /home/guido/RunCPM/A/0
cp RunCPM /home/guido/RunCPM
cp /home/guido/RunCPM_git/CCP/* /home/guido/RunCPM
cp /home/guido/RunCPM_git/DISK/A.ZIP /home/guido/RunCPM/A/0
cd /home/guido/RunCPM/A/0
unzip A.ZIP
cd /home/guido/RunCPM

To start the Emulation:

To exit the emulation:
a> exit



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