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How to use 2 interfaces (eth0 wlan0) at the same time to do different things.



Hello i have orange pi one, so i would like to connect my ipcamera into orangepi eth0 port and it should be accessable to internet over wlan0

my settings like this

eth0 has static ip address

ipcamera has static ip address


wlan get ip from my home network router (dhcp)

my home router ip is


normally orangepi has internet access when ethernet cable unplugged, when i plug the ethernet cable

i can reach ipcamera interface on browser by typing but internet gone.


also i've checked - Use this connection only for resources on its network - section at the Route configuration for eth0


what is wrong this settings or what am i missing?

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4 hours ago, version said:

but internet gone.

Pretty normal !

Having 2 ethernet connection on the same subnet is looking for troubles ...

If you do "route -n", you will see that one subnet can only have 1 default gateway !

So, if your wired connection is the one associated as the gateway and you unconnect it, you are losing the network.

On the other side, if you didn't have wired connected at boot time, it is your wireless that will become the gateway, in this scenario, you will suffer about the speed since even traffic on wired will come back as wifi response.


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