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Clearfog board : All 3phy network ports operational (I can use only 2)

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Guest Marc



I am working with the Clearfog board, I've tried both Ubuntu and Debian. At the main page (http://www.armbian.com/clearfog/) I read "All 3phy network ports operational", but I can use only 2, the main one which is on processor module and the switched one but I can't use the third one wich is driven by the switch. I can set ip adress to all 3 but can ping with 2 only.


From the of_mdiobus_register function in of_mdio.c file, I see the adress 0 phy is registered but 2 others are not cause the adress "/soc/internal-regs/mdio/ethernet-phy@2 PHY address 999 is too large".


My first question is how to use the third phy ?


My second question is more about understanding. The fact is 2 phys are working but I don't understand how the second one is registered cause the second and third adress, 999 are too larges and in of_mdiobus_register function I see :

                              . . .

    /* Mask out all PHYs from auto probing.  Instead the PHYs listed in
     * the device tree are populated
after the bus has been registered */
    mdio->phy_mask = ~0;

                              . . .


Where does the second phy is initialised with which adress ?


Thanks for your help


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